The lecture rooms are fully packed with all technology needed for a complete lecture experience (sound system, climate control system with air refreshing, interactive board, high contrast video-projector, 5 wide angle camera video-conference system, PC, laser printer, high speed Wi-Fi and individual power sockets).

Students can also access study rooms for individual or team projects and the IT labs are always available for business simulation and computer related subjects.

Because all the reading materials are among the global top rated publications and no older than 3 years the students are invited to access the Executive MBA library where they can read the desired books or loan them for home study. Strong fresh brewed coffee, tea, and cool water are always available during classes.

The ROCA Executive MBA Program is unique on the local market, bringing the Executive MBA experience closer to the students thanks to a particular configuration, built on the requirements of the business environment. For both companies and professionals on their way to reach the top, the possibility to get the Executive MBA while still being able to work is more than a simple preference, it is a requirement.

Having a specialist unable to work for several months/year, 2 years in a row is no longer an option for most of our partner companies and potential students, therefore our Executive MBA program comes with an affordable schedule of weekends (only two weekends per month). The program also takes in consideration holidays and other important events of the school year.

Another key advantage of our program is the mixed teaching team composed of international reputed Canadian and Romanian teachers and guest speakers from strong companies and successful entrepreneurs. This approach offers you all the angles on the subject and contributes to the value of the information gathered.

The program is built on a highly applicable approach that aims at bringing the student as close as possible to the real life experience. The hands-on approach was received with open arms by our partners and encouraged with their involvement in offering real life consultancy projects for our students.

The Alumni is one of our strongest feature, the 1.000+ international network of graduates supports our efforts and contributes gratefully to the experience of our students and their future career development.

Our campus is located in the center of Bucharest, easy to access by car, public transportation or subway (5 minutes’ walk from Piata Romana station). Parking space is not assured but several private parking lots are available near campus.