With a history of more than 30 years, the ROCA Executive MBA is one of the most prestigious Romanian programs, with over 1000 alumni, working in multinational companies.


Building a strong curriculum is the only way to ensure that all students will be exposed to all needed information in order to reach their full potential and get the most out of the Executive MBA.


The Management and the Administrative Team of the ROCA Executive MBA Program is here to help and will gladly answer any questions you might have.


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Our Executive MBA is a transformative and empowering learning journey designed to make you the BEST YOU. It is a well-rounded game-changing learning experience that will help you push your own boundaries, develop your leadership skills and gain the digital-era skills and knowledge you need to drive excellence and lead with purpose, always prioritizing sustainability with an infinite mindset. Strategically designed to suit your needs, this program is delivered in English over 22 months and brings together global and local expertise and over 30 years of experience. Its flexible blended format mixes online blocks and residencies in Bucharest and is specially designed for active and dynamic leaders like you. Upon graduation you will be granted TWO DEGREES: the ROCA Executive MBA Degree issued by BBS-ASE from Romania and the Executive MBA Degree issued by ESG-UQAM from Canada.

Ștefan Prigoreanu

CEO Millenium Insurance

Ștefan Prigoreanu, General Manager of Millennium Insurance Broker (MIB) SA, graduate of the ROCA Executive MBA program.

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Irina Arsene

Founder & President mindit.io

Irina Arsene, graduate of the ROCA Executive MBA, founder and CEO of Mindit.io and Mindit Consulting.

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Dilek Batmaz

Founder DB Academy

I have been thoroughly impressed with the rich two diploma program by UQAM and Bucharest Business School.

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Why ROCA Executive MBA?

Here at the ROCA Executive MBA Program are well aware of the importance of the teaching facilities for an enjoyable experience. The ROCA Executive MBA Program is unique on the local market, bringing the Executive MBA experience closer to the students thanks to a particular configuration, built on the requirements of the business environment. For companies and professionals on their way to reach the top, the possibility to get the Executive MBA while still being able to work is more than a preference, is a requirement.

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Join the strongest national Executive MBA Network including over 1000 top Leaders, and access the global Network of Executive MBA Alumni of ESG-UQAM, including over 12 500 top Leaders world-wide. From your immediate cohort of fellow classmates to the world-class faculty and visiting speakers.


Talented, human-oriented managers are crucial in all sectors for harnessing the benefits of new technologies for building sustainable organizations and for and boosting business results. During the Executive MBA you will learn from professors and colleagues how to bridge become an effective leader.


The Executive MBA program includes business management, strategy, economics and finance with a strong emphasis on technology and innovation. By putting these skills and insights to practice in real world situations, you’ll be fully prepared for today’s context and you will be offering Leadership through Value!


The Advisory Board of the Program includes top experts, Alumni of the program, working at the forefront of a fast paced market landscape. Their insights shared in Guest Speaking sessions will help you obtain a more rounded understanding of today’s reality, while also gaining career boosting connections.

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