The admission interview is held in English in front of a board of examiners selected by the management of the Program.

The interview will include the followings:

·    A brief self-description;

·    Experience and personal projects from the professional and managerial point of view;

·    Exercise of identifying problems affecting the operation and performances of one’s own company;

·    Simulation of a case of self-responsibility in the context of organizational change of one’s own company;

·    The level of knowledge of English;

·    The candidate’s expectations from the Executive MBA program;

·    Significant steps taken as holder of the Exeutive MBA diploma.

For the evaluation, each member of the examination board assigns a number of points for the following criteria:

1. General behavior

2. Interest for further study

3. Foreign languages

4. Managerial experience

The sum of the four evaluated criteria will be of maximum 40 points for each member of the examination board.

The final evaluation will be the average of the individual evaluations assigned by each member of the admission board.