The tuition fee for the entire Romanian-Canadian Executive MBA program is €15.000 and includes a study trip to Canada, access to study rooms and all the facilities of the
program (online and offline). The amount can be paid in 4 installments (€3.500, €4.000, €3.500, €4.000). Romanian citizen swill receive the invoice in RON using the BNR exchange rate on the day of invoicing and the non-Romanian citizens will receive their invoice in Euro. All invoices are to be paid in 15 days from issuing.

Depending on the registration period (early birds) and on the quality of the application important discounts can be granted.

Companies supporting more than one student per each group benefit from a special financial offer and they are asked to contact the representatives of the business school.

The payments will be made in RON, at the BNR exchange rate settled on the invoicing day (the official exchange rate of the National Bank of Romania (BNR) is available online at

Bank account ASE – Romanian-Canadian EMBA Program

All the taxes will be paid through bank account or at the Postal offices in the following bank account: Beneficiary: ASE

Fiscal code: 4433775 

IBAN Account: RO35 TREZ 7012 0F33 0500 XXXX 

Trezoreria Statului Sector 1 – Bucuresti / State Treasury, County 1, Bucharest

The fee for the admission process is 300 RON.