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The Romanian-Canadian MBA Program is a double Diploma Program. Upon graduation our students will receive one Executive MBA Diploma issued by UQAM and one Master Diploma issued by ASE.

The Romanian - Canadian MBA Program is one of the most prestigious programs available in Romania and a truly international MBA. The teaching staff is composed of Canadian and Romanian teachers doubled by successful entrepreneurs and business specialists as guest speakers.

With an international curricula and reading materials no older than 3 years the program brings fresh information from the national and global markets and contributes a the real international MBA experience.

The schedule was created with the student’s needs in mind and the importance of their current jobs and career development plans. The lectures are programmed during weekends (no more than two weekends per month) so they will not interfere so much with business hours.

Our campus is located in the center of Bucharest and has all the modern facilities you will expect from an MBA program and more. We take great interest in the opinions and needs of our students and also trying to meet their demands.

Each generation contributes to the RoCa MBA experience and we hope that every year comes with something new and brings us closer to our students and partners.

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