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An MBA degree and the knowledge and experience attached to definitely represents a career booster and the decision to enrol in the Romanian-Canadian Program may just be one of the most important decisions in your professional life. Just talk to our graduates and follow their career ascension.

Here, at the Romanian-Canadian MBA, are doing our best to constantly bring the program closer to our future students and the results speak from themselves. We are always here for you and will gladly guide you through the documentation stage and the application process.

Beyond the formal legal admission procedures, the process of becoming one of our students is simple and logical. Just start by taking contact with us. Visiting the campus, meeting the teachers, attending open classes or training for the admission test are always open options for you and our desire is to make you feel as comfortable as possible with the MBA student experience before joining us.

Admission Calendar

For the Romanian-Canadian MBA Program the admission session is open from February to September. Files can be submitted during this period and admission test and interviews are scheduled for client convenience.

Candidates can schedule 1-to-1 campus visits, participate at free admission test preparation seminars and attend open classes in campus.

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